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Industry Specialists e-Geeks help businesses beat the competition
While Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) has fast become the buzz word of 2013, e-Geeks have long time been aware of the importance of the technique in driving traffic to a website.

Facebook Just Got a Whole Lot Geekier
Getting tired of the usual Facebook games like Farmville, Farmtown, Pet Society, Texas Poker, and Mafia Wars A new Facebook geek game is hot off the market

Geek Game Fun
Do you have geek friends We know not you'but friends of yours

5 Unique Computer Geek Gifts To Give Your Guy Friends
If you have a geegy guy friend to amuse on his birthday, try giving him a t-shirt with a nerdy saying, a fun-looking flash drive, a charging station for many of his favorite toys, a DVD set of a nerdy TV program, or simply geek fashion items.

Geeks On Site Computer Repair Expanding Services to Become a One Stop Shop for Customers
Geeks On Site Computer Repair fixes Macs and PCs both through remote service and by sending technicians on site. Geeks On Site also offers technical assistance with all their clients' other personal technology needs as well.

Custom Built Computers - a New Specialty of Geeks on Site Computer Repair
Geeks on Site Computer Repair will custom design a computer to fit any customer's needs.

Galaxy Geeks: Amp up Your Astronomy Cred
Want to discover a new comet or supernova? Well, you can apply for time on the Hubble Space Telescope. Sure it's open to all applicants, but competition is fierce, and budget cuts are pretty much ruling out nonprofessionals. Another option? Access the database of the Hubble and other major telescopes through the Web.

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